A majority of the population in my country of residence would likely consider me an extremist, in a certain sense of the word. That’s not a jab at the political situation in the United Kingdom, this would very likely be true in my home country of Norway as well.


So I was looking at my Audible statistics the other day. I always listen to audiobooks during my commute, from I leave the flat in the morning until I enter the office, and vice versa after work. And apparently that adds up to just over 38 hours per month.


Attacking memes with memes to own the right, courtesy of the innocent Matt Bors for The Nib ( https://thenib.com/mister-gotcha)

There is a particular type of tactic of discourse that I see everywhere and finally managed to put my finger on in exact terms. I’m sure we’ve all noticed it, probably without realising the implications of what’s happening. I’m talking about a type of rhetorical framing — a way to…

BJ Hanssen

Writer, teacher, technologist, behavioural engineer, and linguist. Anti-authoritarian socialist. Opinions are my own and do not reflect on associates. He/him

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